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At 80Eight we're passionate about making things look great but function well. The connection between the arts and technology can be found in every aspect of our work and we truly believe that amazing products are born out of this philosophy.

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design can be art. design can be aesthetics. design is so simple that's why it is so complicated. Words by Paul Rand

Why 80Eight?

We are a results driven agency. Every project is professionally managed with 100% client visibility every step of the way. We're not happy until you're overjoyed with the product you've been handed.

What We Do?

We handle everything from software engineering, product development, to branding and marketing. Our team has years and years of experience to ensure you always get what you want.

ServicesWhat We Offfer


Every product produced by 80eight has an extremely high attention to detail and brand identity attached to it. We work with best in class designers and brand development specialist to create products that are striking, polished yet stunningly elegant.


Our engineering team is truly full stack. We will handle all the development needs of your project from beginning to end. Front end development, backend development, mobile applications and everything in between. With years of experience our products simply work.


A great product still needs to be funelled to the correct target audience. Our team of experienced marketers will get your product infront of the right user base with the right messaging at the right time. Count on us to get your product off the ground.


Progress can be measured and at 80eight we believe in full transparency. Every project always ships with tools that you can use to collect snapshots of data, allowing you to measure sucess or understand pain points that need to be addressed with your product.


Having a sense of identity is an important part of creating a product that resonates with users. 80eight has an amazing team of brand strategist and prdocut development personnel to bring life to your product.


Every 80eight project is assigned a project manager that works closely with you to maxmizie the potential of everyone involved in the project. Our project managers work directly with you to keep you involved every step of the way so you're never left in the dark.

STEPSOur Process

  • Idea
  • Design
  • Develop
  • Result
Every product starts with a great idea. From the moment you decide to work with us, we assign you a product development specialist to work with you to realize the full potential of your product and it's viability in the market place. Our product development team has years of experience working with everything from small startups to large cooperations. At the end of this, we will have taken your idea and turned it into a fully hashed our product, ready to go!
Now that we have your product set, our deisng and branding teams take over to create things like a style guideline, logo, color palletes etc. As with every phase you will be completely involved in the creation of each of these elements so you feel confident and proud of the direction your product is taken. Our team has a keen attention to detail and will not rest until you are satisfied with the way things look and feel.
Once the design phase is complete, we assign you a team of engineers that fit the needs of your product development. We have an all-star cast of mobule developers, web developers backend developers and architects that will deliver a product that works and works well. Reliability and maintainablity are extremely important to us during this phase and it shows in the end product.
In the end, your product will be released having gone through multiple rounds of QA and iterations before final release. In addition to this, we always delivery a suite of tools that allow you to measure the effectiveness of your product in real time. After the product is shipped we work with you to maintain and extend the product using data to drive decisions whether it be marketing or engineering.

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We'd love to get in contact with you, learn about your product and get working on the next big thing! We're passionate about making a change in people's life and we truly believe that a great way to do this is by creating affective, scalable, and fun products!

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